Recruitment Strategy Development

Not sure how or where to find that scarce STEM skill set? Pacesetter will work closely with you to develop a strategy to attract and recruit the specialized talent you are seeking.

Prospect Identification

Need a list of potential candidates? With a sound understanding of your requirements, Pacesetter methodically and meticulously leverages technology, a vast network of contacts, and good, old fashioned creativity to identify candidates.

Prospect Outreach & Assessment

Many prospective candidates do not only want to know what you are looking for, but they want to know what you can offer them. Pacesetter strives to understand your needs and values as well as those of the candidates to ensure best fit. Through a number of personal interactions with each candidate, Pacesetter will assess their interest in, and fit with your opportunity.

Project Specific Placements

Whether you’re a start-up or a well-established organization, sometimes you require expert advice, knowledge or insight to answer a specific question or solve a particular problem on a temporary basis. Pacesetter will find the specialized knowledge and expertise that you require.

Sourcing International Talent

STEM careers are experiencing the fastest growth rates in Canada and there is a growing skills shortage. As a result, many Canadian companies are looking abroad to fill this talent gap. Pacesetter specializes in recruiting top foreign STEM talent and can help your organization assess and evaluate foreign credentials and leverage Canada’s Global Talent Stream visa program.

Market Research & Competitive Intelligence

Leveraging our expertise in sourcing and our network of STEM professionals, Pacesetter can conduct primary and secondary research to support your organization’s tactical and strategic decision making. From compensation benchmarking and talent mapping, to industry, market and competitor analysis, to the identification and evaluation of new business opportunities, Pacesetter will provide you with the insight you require.