about us

Pacesetter STEM Recruiting specializes in sourcing and recruiting top Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) talent for roles that have a fundamental impact on the success of your organization.  Working exclusively with STEM talent, Pacesetter has a vast network of contacts and looks for talent where your HR department or recruitment partner does not have the time or resources to go.

Pacesetter is committed to overcoming stereotypes and barriers to diversity in STEM fields.  We believe that diversity is key to productivity and innovation.

The recruiting industry has a growing reliance on technology.  We believe that human interaction and assessment cannot be replaced by algorithms or artificial intelligence.  Pacesetter balances the use of technology with human interaction in the recruitment process to ensure the ultimate client and candidate experience.

Pacesetter is based in Canada’s capital, Ottawa.  Ottawa has the second highest concentration of scientists and engineers in North America and the highest concentration of tech talent in Canada*.  We love being close to all this STEM talent.

*Source: Invest Ottawa